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Osaro and Geek+ partner to integrate robotic warehouse solutions

Osaro, a specialist in in machine-learning-enabled robotics for e-commerce, has agreed partnership that integrates its pick-and-place robots with groundbreaking Geek+ warehouse automation systems.

The new alliance offers businesses a one-stop solution for their warehouse fulfillment operations and a strategy to boost the ROI of their autonomous mobile robot systems (AMRs) and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).

Derik Pridmore, Osaro CEO, says: “At Osaro, our goal is to provide reliable robotic systems that make automation easy, which is why the seamless integration of our picking robots with Geek+ systems is so valuable for quick and easy deployment.

“We’re pleased to have an Osaro-powered robot and Geek+ Sorting Series AMRs available for customers to see in action at our San Francisco RobotWorks customer center.”

Robots collaborating

The pairing represents another step in the progression of robots working together across the warehouse. It involves the ability to connect Geek+ AMRs and ASRS with Osaro’s smart, AI-driven picking robots.

Using a Fanuc robot arm, Osaro enables automation of the last step in the warehouse fulfillment process – picking and placing – is a function that until now has been handled solely by human operators at workstations.

The easy interoperability of Osaro-powered robots with AMR/ASRS and other warehouse systems is made possible by Osaro’s latest REST API, which offers greater flexibility in what the systems can be asked to do.

The API allows integrators to choose commands in a variety of blocks, so that actions can readily be strung together in different ways.

For example, a system can be directed to pick, scan, and place an object. Or it can be ordered to pick, scan, and then wait for a customer warehouse management system to send a command before performing an additional action.

Scalable and flexible

The desire for a complete solution, including the automation of human picking stations, has been accelerated by the triple dilemma of crushing e-commerce demand, the most severe labor shortage in 53 years, and sky-high consumer expectations for lower prices and faster delivery.

Together, Geek+ and Osaro can deploy a scalable solution for warehouses needing to address unrelenting growth while keeping costs low, despite inflation. Working in tandem, these two automation leaders offer flexible systems with easy installation that improve accuracy and productivity.

Unlike traditional bolted-to-the-floor conveyor systems, Geek+ mobile robots are simple and fast to install or reconfigure, needing only moveable QR code floor marks to operate.

Rick DeFiesta, executive vice president of sales and solutions at Geek+ America, says: “Solving the labor shortage is critical for anyone in e-commerce today.

“Geek+ systems take less floor space and are highly flexible in both their use and installation, allowing for easy redeployments in new configurations when necessary.”

Osaro is now demonstrating integrations with the Geek+ Sorting Series in its San Francisco RobotWorks Customer Center.

Customers experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced dependence on labor
  • Faster order processing
  • Greater shipment accuracy
  • Improved return on investment
  • A scalable solution for changing needs
  • Less need for floor space

As part of the agreement, Geek+ has joined Osaro’s partner program, which offers one-stop access for businesses looking to deploy robotic solutions in their fulfillment operations.

The Osaro Partners Alliance provides a mechanism for AMR and ASRS vendors, integrators, distributors, third-party logistics companies, and consultants to collaborate and co-market unified solutions. The program is designed to optimize every stage of a customer’s purchasing and deployment processes, in collaboration with the partners.

Osaro Partners Alliance

Advances in Al-driven robotics have created new solutions to tackle supply-chain disruptions and labor shortages and to equip e-commerce operations with end-to-end systems that accelerate delivery and boost productivity.

But tailoring the right solution requires a collaborative approach that includes software, hardware, and materials-handling experts with deep domain experience.

The Osaro Partners Alliance convenes the right set of players to deliver success to both customers and partners. It fosters a community where participants can share knowledge, resources, and expertise to support their mutual clients as they evolve their supply-chain capabilities to keep e-commerce humming.

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