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DJI’s launches new commercial drone

DJI, the world’s largest civilian drones and aerial imaging technology company, has launched a new drone, which “sets a new standard for any commercial drone operator”, according to the company.

It adds that the DJI Matrice 350 RTK (M350 RTK) “redefines the ultimate tool for the commercial drone industry”.

The M350 RTK is said to be an upgraded flagship drone platform that is more adaptable, safer and efficient for any aerial operation in public safety, energy, mapping, infrastructure or forestry, to name a few.

Christina Zhang, senior director of corporate strategy at DJI, says: “It’s great to see how commercial drone pilots around the world use DJI platforms to carry out their operations with increased safety and more effectively than using traditional technology.

“The new capabilities offered by the advanced technology of the M350 RTK enables operators to push these boundaries even further.”

More powerful for more scenarios

With its 55-minute max flight time, the M350 RTK’s has a payload capacity of 2.7 kg allowing operators a choice of payloads to tackle their task.

Furthermore, the new DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission gives users peace of mind with triple-channel 1080p HD live feeds and a max transmission distance of 20 km.

This is achieved with a four-antenna transceiver system, which can intelligently select the two optimal antennas to transmit signals, while the four antennas receive signals simultaneously. Anti-interference capabilities are significantly improved and transmission stability is optimized.

Enhanced flight safety

Commercial and rescue drone use don’t wait for good flying conditions which is why the M350 RTK’s IP rating has been improved from IP45 to IP55 and the FPV camera has been enhanced to provide better navigation for safer night flights.

The M350 RTK also adds a new arm lock detection function to avoid the risk of unlocked arm sleeves, alleviating pilot concerns during flight.

Concerns are also lessened with the drones six-directional binocular vision system and an infrared sensing system for six-directional awareness, positioning, and obstacle-sensing capabilities, providing comprehensive protection during flight.

For those who require additional flight safety a CSM radar can be purchased separately and mounted on the top of the drone offering a range of up to 30m5 for subtle obstacles within the 360° detection range.

Furthermore, the M350 RTK incorporates a multi-layered redundancy design in both the aircraft and sensor system allowing for more confident operation in harsh environments.

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