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Ouster expansion supply agreements with May Mobility for autonomous vehicles

Ouster, a provider of high-performance lidar sensors, and May Mobility, a developer of autonomous vehicle technology, are expanding their supply agreements to provide lidar sensors for May Mobility’s autonomous vehicle solutions.

These expansions include a binding commitment for a combined purchase of over one thousand Ouster OS1 and Alpha PrimeTM VLS-128 sensors through 2024 to meet demand for new AV deployments starting this year.

Edwin Olson, CEO of May Mobility, says: “We are rapidly growing our operations and technology and need partners that deliver high-performing, reliable and scalable products to be successful.

“With Ouster, and now Velodyne under its umbrella, we get a field-tested lidar suite from one supplier, making it even easier to expand and deploy our growing fleet to more communities and businesses.”

Ouster has previously shipped hundreds of sensors to May Mobility for its commercial programs. May Mobility’s vehicles are outfitted with four Ouster OS1 digital lidar sensors for short and mid-range detection and one Alpha Prime sensor for long-range detection, providing surround-view coverage to increase safety and performance.

May Mobility partners with transit agencies, communities and businesses to make transit more sustainable, safe, accessible and equitable for everyone by building AV technology that works in the real world.

To date, May Mobility has deployed more than 320,000 autonomy-enabled rides and recently announced the launch of its third-generation autonomous driving system further improving the safety, efficiency and rider satisfaction on the path to driverless commercial operations.

Angus Pacala, CEO and co-founder at Ouster, says: “We’re thrilled to supply May Mobility’s suite of lidar sensors, enabling 360-degree coverage for their autonomous vehicles. May Mobility recognizes that complete situational awareness and reliable detection is key to the safe deployment of AVs.

“Our contract expansion is further evidence of our shared values, strong relationship, and the growing demand for accessible, safe and green transportation across the country.”

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