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Doosan Robotics partners with Finch Automation to expand distribution in Midwestern US

Doosan Robotics Americas, a maker of industrial and collaborative robotics, has agreed a strategic partnership with Indiana-based Finch Automation.

The new relationship expands the reach of Doosan service robots and cobots to OEM machine builders and end users in the Midwest region of the US.

Alex Lee, general manager, Doosan Robotics Americas, says: “Finch Automation is the ideal partner to introduce our products to a new market.

“Their application expertise and knowledge of Doosan products is the foundation of what will be a very successful partnership.”

Doosan offers the industry’s largest and safest cobot lineup. The H-SERIES is the most powerful cobot on the market today, with a 25-kg payload and 6-axis torque sensor.

The M-Series is a premium cobot with unparalleled dexterity for sophisticated tasks. The A-SERIES delivers a combination of superior speed and cost-effectiveness.

Pete Meyer, p0resident, Finch Automation, says: “Our new partnership with Doosan Robotics is great news for manufacturers in the Midwest.

“We’re excited to bring our application experience and complementary product lines together with the most robust and cost-effective cobots on the market.”

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