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Denali becomes Universal Robots’ biggest Certified Solution Partner

Denali Advanced Integration has become Universal Robots’ biggest Certified Solution Partner.

Denali is now expected to use its integration expertise and market reach to bring Universal Robots’ collaborative robot technology to major business across the globe as part of its new Automation-As-A-Service (AaaS) portfolio, which it announced in April.

This will offer large scale companies end-to-end integration and service support and corresponds with a growing interest from large businesses in cobot automation.

Kim Povlsen, president of Universal Robots, says: “Automation is a natural step for companies aiming to improve productivity and overcome labor shortages.

“Cobot automation in particular has never been more important and appealing to businesses because of its versatility and wide range of applications, supported at Universal Robots by an impressive ecosystem of partners.

“This exciting partnership with Denali is going to bring cutting-edge collaborative robotics to some of the world’s most important companies and will help large businesses successfully automate at scale.”

Denali’s automation solutions are deployed to large companies across manufacturing, transportation and logistics, health care and retail industries.

Its recent collaboration with AWS will give customers that choose to automate with cobots the option of combining robotics with machine learning, using data and analytics to drive decision making.

Justin Long, VP global automation at Denali, says: “This partnership combines industry leading technology with industry leading services.

“The combination of Denali, an experienced IT/OT partner, with Universal Robots, the leader in collaborative robots, allows us to bring the best automation designs to our customers while driving a strong return on their technology investments.

“This announcement, combined with our recent AWS collaboration and the introduction of our AaaS portfolio including software, hardware, services and support, provides everything companies need to quickly realize the benefits of this emerging technology and make it work for their business.”

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