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Africa Automation Technology Fair: Inspiring enterprise for the future

Technology is always evolving to improve modern life. The latest in artificial intelligence (AI), technology-based tactics, automation and cybersecurity are essential to master, particularly for those working in these sectors, and there is always something new to discover.

Just last month, South Africa introduced the first formally recognised Robotic Process Automation qualification in the EMEA region, opening new opportunities in education.

Technology shapes so many facets of life and is likely to create an unimaginable and exciting future. What is crucial now however, is to use advancements to solve problems wherever possible.

For example, South Africa recently joining the Financial Action Task Force Grey List for its shortfalls in anti-money laundering (AML) prevention, could benefit from technology-based solutions as a practical way to reduce AML risks quickly.

Leaning on technology and automation eases doing business, enhances efficiency and inspires new possibilities.

The Africa Automation Technology Fair (AATF) next month brings together experts and professionals working in technology with exhibitors from the automation and technology industries to merge ideas and reimagine the future.

This year’s conference held at the AATF – AATF Connect – will showcase world class content from industry experts and speakers.

Carol Weaving, managing director at RX Africa, the event organiser behind this year’s 12th AATF, says: “Assessing the top technology and automation trends and innovation, and how these apply to solving local issues such as our water and energy crises, will be among discussions and we will also be hosting CPD accredited workshops in collaboration with eNtsa and the SAIMC, which will be informative particularly for attendees who want to register to earn CPD points.”

The event is co-located with the inaugural Infosecurity Africa, held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng from 9-11 May 2023.

Infosecurity Africa will showcase the latest in trends, threats, and cybercrime prevention, covering everything businesses need to know about information security, alongside the latest in automation and technology at the AATF.

“We have a stellar line up of presenters at AATF Connect including energy expert Chris Yelland, MD of Business Solutions, Dhevan Pillay, Group CEO of LTM Energy and Dr Dilley Naidoo, Director at RSPH,” Weaving adds.

The energy crisis in South Africa requires an innovative solution and remains among the country’s top priorities where individual provinces are budgeting for alternative power and securing contracts with independent power producers. AATF Connect aims to consider what comes next to improve the energy sector.

The first day features discussions on the future of energy while in the afternoon, solving the water crisis will be the focus.

Africa requires $50 billion annually ($40 or just under R714 per individual African per year) to guarantee water supply and achieve sustainable sanitation by 2030.

The future of water is firmly on the AATF Connect agenda, highlighting the collective effort required to manage shortage risks.

The dams in the Western Cape for example are 59 percent full and unpredictable weather in the coming winter makes maintaining sufficient supply a concern, let alone considering the water supply issues facing other provinces around South Africa.

Benoit Le Roy, CEO of the South African Water Chamber NPC and Dr Anthony Turton, Professor at the Centre for Environmental Management at the University of the Free State are among AATF Connect speakers on the preservation of water.

On day two of AATF Connect, automation takes centre stage where Johan Steyn, managing executive at AI for Business and Brendan van Staaden, managing executive of MoData Interactive are among speakers. Topics on the agenda include sustainable automation and the rise of collaborative robots.

“We look forward to inspiring visitors, who can expect a great new venue with access to fresh ideas, top notch networking and the chance to connect with the latest and greatest in all things AI, technology and info-security,” Weaving concludes.

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