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German Museum of Technology: What You Need to Know Before Visiting

It is one of Germany’s most visited museums, the most engaging for kids of all ages, and fascinating even for adults who detest perusing museum displays.

All of this has to do with the Technical Museum of Berlin, which is housed in a number of sizable structures close to the iconic Angertian Station. Why is it so well-liked by everybody? Join us for a tour.

The size of the German Museum of Technology is astonishing. Its displays span more than 28,500 sq m and are situated in a former goods station and depot.

One of the reasons for visiting is that it is one of the biggest in all of Europe. Naturally, there are a lot more reasons to go, but we’ll focus on the most significant ones.

Always consider every aspect of your trip before you go. Willy Brandt Airport lies near the Berlin border, 28 km south of the city center.

The quickest method to go from Berlin airport to central is by airport transfer. In particular, if you are traveling with a kid, a big group, or a lot of luggage, booking a Berlin airport taxi in advance on a specialized website of the AtoB transfer service makes the process much simpler.

After picking you up from the arrivals area, the airport taxi driver will transport you to your hotel or directly to the museum.

The museum is located in an old building, a new building, and a separate building with the Spectrum Science Center. The grandeur of the museum is also evidenced by a real airplane that is installed on the roof of the building and attracts passers-by from afar.

The Technical Museum contains not only giant airplanes, and train cars of different eras that once carried hundreds of passengers, but also many exhibitions dedicated to light industry, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, engineering, achievements in computer programming by German inventor Konrad Zuse, and much more.

Helpful tips for visiting the museum

The main entrance will be our first stop. Visitors initially assume it is below the well-known airplane, however, that is not the case. You should turn right and stroll along the museum wall to avoid spending a lot of time roaming around the building.

The entrance to the museum café is the first thing you’ll notice, followed by the main entrance to the actual museum. Since the tour will take longer than an hour, we advise taking an AtoB airport transfer and visiting the museum early in the day.

Visitors are constantly welcomed with a captivating display in the foyer. For instance, there is now a temporary installation of an old VW family car with a load of luggage and sporting goods on the roof.

There are ticket counters in the lobby, as well as a counter with a worker checking tickets right next to them. Lockers are available to store clothing and other items. To close the door, you’ll need a single euro coin.

Please be aware that large objects and luggage are not permitted. It will be better to ask your airport taxi chauffeur to leave them in the car or take them to the hotel.

On the ground level of the museum, there is also a cafe and a store that are best explored after the tour.

Aviation and space technology

This exhibition attracts the most people of all ages. Everyone will find it fascinating since it is hard to gaze at a real airplane turbine from BMW and Rolls-Royce, a missile control ring, the ruins of a World War II JU 87 aircraft, Messerschmitts and so on without feeling awe.

After arriving here by Berlin airport transfer, visitors to the museum may view the history of civil and military aviation in Germany throughout the period of its split, as well as some of the earliest-ever aircraft, magnificent balloons, and many other priceless objects.

The top level of the new museum building has a patio that is always open, and an enormous airplane soars over it. It is the one that is visible from every road, you go by AtoB airport taxi, in the area of the Technical Museum. This famous American Douglas C-47 Skytrain has been transformed into a DC-3 freight aircraft.

Railway transport

You must go to the museum’s inner park, after coming to the museum by Berlin airport taxi, where a sizable hangar with trains is located, to access the railway display. It was once a depot but a portion of the land was kept for the current shows.

Visitors are drawn to the large museum park in the summer, where they may have an outside meal while learning something new while taking in the sights of historic mills, a forge, and a brewery.

Science Center Spectrum

Ladestraße is the entrance to the Spectrum Science Center’s experimental universe. The Network exhibition, along with other transient exhibitions, is also housed there, along with a sizable collection of vintage automobiles.

Naturally, the most intriguing events take place at Spectrum. If you or your kids enjoy science, you need to book an AtoB airport transfer and come here. You can summon a tornado and make lightning with your own hands at the science museum.

In addition, the center provides a tonne of classes, themed picture opportunities, and intriguing information. Spectrum guarantees that every visitor will be able to comprehend basic scientific and technological concepts on their own or through enjoyable games.

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