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igus unveils ‘first’ industrial robot made of plastic

igus has unveiled what it says is “the first robot made of high-performance plastic”. At just 8 kg, ReBeL is the lightest in its class: a real lightweight robot.

The compact, space-saving design with an integrated control system in the base opens up completely new fields of application for service robotics.

In collaboration with people, the ReBeL takes on tasks in the event and gastronomy sector, for example as a reliable coffee enricher or as a machine loader in production.

The robot is available as a plug-and-play version with integrated control system and robot software or as an open source version. In addition, users can choose between four or six degrees of freedom and thus adapt the ReBeL to their individual application scenario.

According to the igus build-or-buy principle, the ReBeL is available both as a ready-made solution and as DIY. On the basis of the ReBeL gearbox, an individual robot can be designed as a cobot with interface connectors thanks to the additional electronic components.

For example, use the gearbox in the last axis of articulated arm, linear and delta robots in front of various gripping systems. The modular cobot gearbox system with fully integrated gearboxes helps implement a wide variety of cobot concepts quickly. The power electronics are already integrated.

The new ReBeL robot does not need a switch cabinet and is compatible with the igus Robot Control system. From the beginning, you can program and test your individual service robotics application before purchase.

Just download the free igus Robot Control software. igus says it is user-friendly and ideal for programming beginners. You can start right away with pre-programmed projects for various kinematic elements such as the ReBeL.

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