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How to Track a Phone Number on Google Maps

Google Maps is an excellent resource for finding businesses and getting directions. However, did you know that you can also use Google Maps to find location of phone number? This can be especially useful if you have lost your phone or if you are trying to find someone’s location.

This blog post will show you how to use Google Maps to locate a phone number, whether you have iOS or Android.

Is It Possible to Locate a Phone Number Using Google Maps?

How can someone track your location from your phone number, and is it even possible? The answer is yes! As long as your phone number is connected to a Google account, you can use Google Maps to locate it.

All you have to do is type in the phone number into Google Maps, and it will bring up a pin on the map indicating its exact location.

For Android users, Google Maps provides an even more detailed view with an integrated street view option. This allows you to look around the location of your device from a 360-degree angle. You can also track the current location of your device in real-time.

Why Tracking Someone by Their Phone Number is Important

Tracking someone by their number is essential for a variety of reasons. The most important are:

  • Locate a lost or stolen device: With the help of Google Maps, you can track your device in real-time and get it back quickly. The phone number associated with the device helps in this process.
  • Keep track of your loved ones: You can use a tracking service to monitor the whereabouts of your family members and ensure their safety. As you can only sometimes be there for them, this will help you keep tabs on where and what they are doing.
  • Monitor your child’s activity: With a locating number using Google Maps, you can keep an eye on what your child is doing. This will ensure that they are not participating in any activities that could potentially be dangerous for them.
  • Monitor your employee activity: Monitoring your employees’ activity is essential to ensure they do their job correctly. With a locating number, you can track where they are and what they are up to.

Nowadays, smartphones have become a great tool for parents and employers to monitor their children’s or employees’ whereabouts. A locating number can provide pinpoint accuracy when tracking someone’s location.

It is an effective way to keep tabs on your little ones or employees and a viable option to ensure they are safe. With this technology, you can be assured that your loved ones or employees are not in danger.

How to Track Someone’s Location With Phone Number on Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful tool that can be used to track someone’s location with just their phone number. All you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your device.
  2. Type in the phone number of the person you want to track into the search bar and tap “Enter” or “Search.”
  3. Wait for a few seconds, as Google Maps will show you the exact location of that person based on their phone number.

You can also use the Google Maps app to monitor someone’s activity, such as where they are going, when and how long they stay at a particular destination, etc. To do so, you must set up location sharing with that person in the app. This option will allow you to view their movements on the map without them knowing.

To do this, you will need to:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your device and tap the menu button at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Select “Location Sharing” from the menu options and then select “New Contact” or “Select Friend” depending on whether you are adding a new contact or an existing one.
  3. Enter the person’s phone number and choose how long you want to share their location.
  4. Tap “Send” when you’re done, and they will receive a notification asking them to confirm your request to follow their location.

Once they accept your request, you can view their real-time location on the map. You can also control how long the sharing lasts and revoke access at any time. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about tracking someone without them knowing — it’s all done with their permission!

How to Use Third-Party Apps

If you want more control over how long you can track someone, or if you’re adding additional features such as alerts and notifications, then a third-party app might be the right choice. Here’s a quick overview of what you should consider when choosing an app:

  • Make sure the app has access to real-time location data.
  • Check if the app allows you to revoke access or set expiration times for sharing.
  • See the app’s other features, such as alerts and notifications.
  • Ensure the app is secure and reliable so your data is not compromised.
  • Read reviews and user feedback to understand how the app works.

By researching, you can find the right tracking app that fits your needs and gives you peace of mind. When it comes to keeping track of a loved one or friend, there are plenty of options – so make sure to choose one that’s reliable and secure.

Stay Connected

Tracking someone’s number using Google Maps is a great way to keep tabs on your friends and family. It’s easy to use, convenient, and secure – plus, you can revoke access anytime.

It’s important to remember that respecting someone’s privacy is essential when using this feature. Always ask for permission before entering a phone number into Google Maps, and make sure that the person is comfortable with you having access to their location. With this feature, you can stay connected while respecting each other’s privacy.

All these features you can find on, an app specialized in tracking people and devices. It allows you to track your device, family members, employees or children in real-time with an accuracy up to 10 meters!

You can also access detailed data about the person’s movement history as well as set notifications for when they enter or exit certain areas that you choose.

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