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BlueBotics and ProLog Automation partner to drive German AGV adoption

BlueBotics and ProLog Automation have signed a strategic partnership to help drive the adoption of automated guided vehicles (AGV/FTS) across the German manufacturing and logistics sectors.

This agreement positions ProLog Automation as a key BlueBotics solutions partner for the German market.

Under the terms of the agreement, ProLog’s AGV consulting and integration teams will undergo extensive training by BlueBotics’ engineers on the company’s Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT), a predominantly software-based platform on which companies can build robust, scalable, and even interoperable fleets of diverse ‘ANT driven’ vehicles.

Marco Bernstein, head of partner management at ProLog Automation, says: “This collaboration is a perfect alignment, combining our team’s deep industry knowledge with ANT, which is clearly today’s leading AGV navigation platform.

“Having an internal team of ANT experts here at ProLog, and working closely with BlueBotics and its vehicle partners, will mean we can help more German businesses benefit from the efficiency and productivity benefits that mobile robots can bring.”

Dr Nicola Tomatis, CEO of BlueBotics, says: “This partnership is exciting news for BlueBotics. Germany is the most developed market for industrial and mobile robotics in Europe, and ProLog Automation has been a key component of that growth.

“Together we will enable more German businesses to reap the flexibility and robustness benefits that ANT technology – and our partners’ ANT driven vehicles – can bring, meaning more successful German AGV projects and more competitive German businesses in these challenging times.”

Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT) by BlueBotics is the market’s leading natural navigation technology for automated vehicles. To date, there are over 4,000 ‘ANT driven’ AGVs in operation globally, with over 100 different models already on the market and more being launched every month.

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