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Addverb partners with Purdue University to offer engineering students real-world experience of industrial automation

Automation solutions provider Addverb has launched a smart factory with Purdue University’s School of Engineering Technology.

Addverb’s live automation system comprising both hardware and software will enable Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MFET) undergraduate students and faculty to interact with real-world applications of modern industrial automation in supply chain management and warehouse design.

Purdue University offers leading STEM undergraduate programs in the United States. Addverb’s on-campus smart factory will help students better understand how flexible automation works in various industry settings, and can scale to meet the needs of a specific factory or warehouse without significant infrastructural changes.

Satish Shukla, chief marketing officer, says: “Addverb strongly supports a culture of identifying, developing, and celebrating new talent; that is why we are excited about this new partnership between Addverb and Purdue.

“Students see the world differently and often have a unique approach to problem-solving. We believe this new collaboration will foster innovation and offer students the opportunity to solve real-world challenges.”

The on-campus smart factory includes Addverb’s Dynamo, an autonomous mobile robot that naturally navigates its environment with advanced sensors for seamless material movement for functions like picking, tunneling, and tugging.

The factory will also feature Veloce, a multi-carton picking mobile robot that can enable multi-level storage and retrieval of cases and cartons.

In addition to working with autonomous mobile robots, students will also have the opportunity to interact with two software programs, Movect, Addverb’s Fleet Management System (FMS) and Concinity, Addverb’s Warehouse Execution System.

Through these programs, students will learn fleet management, task allocation, inventory control, resource management and outbound logistics.

Dr Gaurav Nanda, assistant professor in the School of Engineering Technology at Purdue University, says: “Purdue is proud to partner with Addverb to provide our students with transformational hands-on experience in an interactive learning environment as compared to existing technology solutions.

“Our faculty and students will gain valuable insight into new possibilities for robotics design and automation through this unique partnership.”

Although global demand has increased exponentially, only 22 percent of companies report having a proactive supply chain network.

The on-campus smart factory offers students a glimpse into the benefits of automation and carry this knowledge into their careers upon graduation, helping companies increase efficiency and optimize resources to strengthen the global supply chain economy.

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