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SVT Robotics delivers warehouse automation integration for Tecsys

SVT Robotics, a provider of enterprise software for the rapid deployment of industrial robotics, has unveiled a new SoftBot Platform Connector for Tecsys, a supply chain management software company. 

SVT and Tecsys worked together to develop and launch the pre-built connector between the Tecsys WMS and SVT’s SoftBot Platform.

The integration will provide Tecsys Elite customers much faster deployment and lower complexity without the need for custom code development often involved in multi-system automation and robotics deployments.

Nick Leonard, SVP of product at SVT Robotics, says: “A SoftBot connector is one of the basic building blocks of the SoftBot Platform, like a Rosetta Stone for data information between systems.

“With this connector to the Tecsys WMS, we can normalize data from their standard API to create interoperability between Tecsys and other solutions from leading providers. This allows Tecsys customers to rapidly deploy the specific automation they need today with little to no customization.”

Bill Denbigh, vice president of product marketing at Tecsys, says: “This is a gamechanger for our customers.

“With a growing and evolving automation market, orchestrating warehouse automation across multiple automation vendors has the potential to quickly become unsupportable.

“Our collaboration with SVT allows Tecsys to offer a hardware-agnostic warehouse automation solution perfectly tailored to each use case. It liberates them to choose automation that best addresses their warehouse challenges, rather than limiting them to a specific WMS provider’s preferred automation partner.”

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