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Kiwibot and Sodexo bring food delivery robots to Shenandoah University

Kiwibot, a robotic sidewalk delivery company, is now available at Shenandoah University to ensure an affordable on-campus food delivery service for students.

With 15 robots operating at Shenandoah University, students profit from speedy food delivery with zero carbon emissions, reducing the carbon footprint on campus.

Kiwibot’s proven track record is in part due to its ongoing partnership with Sodexo, a food services and facilities management company and Shenandoah’s dining partner.

Kiwibot and Sodexo offer the opportunity to universities across the country to improve and enrich the dining experience on campus with robotic delivery technology.

Through Sodexo’s new mobile application, Everyday, students can place an order with their chosen Shenandoah University dining facility. Then, a robot picks up the food and delivers it to the selected drop-off location on campus.

Users receive a unique link to track the order, follow the robot’s location in real-time, and finally, open the lid and enjoy their meal. For this semester, the community can enjoy the Kiwibot services with no delivery fee.

Yolanda Barbier Gibson, DA, Shenandoah University vice president for student affairs, says: “Students truly enjoy having the Kiwibots on campus. It is a convenient way to obtain food and beverages when students are busy with classes, performances, and practices.

“We are glad that we have the ability to provide this service to our students.”

To ensure safe operations on campus, Kiwibot relies on the most advanced technology with a high-driving autonomous system that can operate in extreme weather conditions, including snow.

Additionally, they move at the same walking pace as humans for even safer mobility around campus.

John Tarin, head of global operations at Kiwibot, says: “Kiwibots bring joy and practicality to everyone at Shenandoah. Students, faculty, and staff become more proactive by saving time getting deliveries instead of picking up their food. They enjoy innovation on campus by merging into robotics.”

Pam Burke, director of auxiliary services at Shenandoah University, says: “The Kiwibots are so adorable when they’re rolling through campus in tandem, getting ready for the new day of service.”

By downloading the Everyday App from the App Store or the Play Store, students will get closer to the future of delivery. They can also stay tuned to Kiwibot’s social media to learn about high-driving robots.

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