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May Mobility and Moovit partner to offer ‘complete autonomous mobility package’

May Mobility, a developer of autonomous vehicle technology, and Moovit, a mobility as a service (MaaS) solutions provider and creator of the popular urban mobility app, are partnering to expand the reach and efficiencies of shared autonomous vehicles and microtransit projects to bridge the gaps in public transit.

The companies will be poised to capture a portion of the nearly $2 trillion total addressable market that Frost & Sullivan projected for the mobility-as-a-service sector.

May Mobility’s autonomous vehicle fleets, powered by its unique Multi-Policy Decision (MPDM) technology, will work in concert with Moovit’s urban mobility app and on-demand reservation and routing software.

The partnership will allow riders to easily plan, pay and ride in shared autonomous vehicles while providing them a safe, accessible, and sustainable form of mobility in regions around the globe.

Moovit’s urban mobility app, available in 3,500 cities across 112 countries, offers users multimodal trip planning for any mode of transport with real-time information.

The company also offers governments, transit agencies, and private companies MaaS solutions that cover planning, operations, and optimization, including its on-demand routing and fleet management software, Moovit On-Demand.

Nir Erez, Moovit’s co-founder and CEO, says: “The combination of Moovit and May Mobility’s technologies, products, and services will provide communities around the world with more mobility alternatives to choose from.

“We share a vision of filling in the gaps in public and shared autonomous transportation and will work diligently to provide better access to accessible and sustainable transportation.”

May Mobility has given more than 320,000 autonomy-enabled rides in the last five years via 10 unique deployments in the US and Japan.

This includes autonomous vehicle services that currently serve communities in Minnesota, Michigan, and Texas, with other deployments set to launch in coming months.

Edwin Olson, co-founder and CEO of May Mobility, says: “A big part of our go-to-market strategy is to partner with industry leaders that will take our services to the next level.

“Moovit is a trusted industry leader that serves more than 1.7 billion riders globally, and their services and relationships will further enhance our ability to scale.

“We look forward to growing this partnership with Moovit through expanded geographic areas and leveraging each other’s strengths to serve all passengers.”

The collaboration between Moovit and May Mobility will offer cities around the world a complete mobility package.

Potential users of the future dedicated mobility app will be able to view options for taking May Mobility autonomous vehicles alongside other modes of public transit, such as buses or trains.

Moovit will also plan to bring its Moovit On-Demand software to May Mobility’s backend, further optimizing its autonomous vehicles routes.

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