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CamSoda to launch autonomous vehicle in several US cities

CamSoda, an adult entertainment webcam company, says it is planning to launch driverless shuttles in several American cities.

The company unveiled the rendering for an eco-friendly, autonomous vehicle, aptly named the “SeXla”.

CamSoda says it was “inspired by the rise in autonomous robots”, adding that, considering many city dwellers don’t have access to a car, the SeXla gets people to their destination, while also “getting them off”.

People will be able to step inside the vehicle and fasten themselves in to enjoy a “revolutionary masturbatory experience”.

The vehicle will be decked out with a 4K LED screen livestreaming a beautiful cam model the passenger can interact with via voice and video. All cars are equipped with disinfecting Ultraviolet lights, which have been shown to kill many viruses and bacteria.

The vehicle will also come equipped with plenty of lube and tissues. Customers interested in riding in the “SeXla” will pay like they would if they were riding in a taxi.

CamSoda is looking to deploy SeXlas in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Daryn Parker, vice president, CamSoda, says: “The Internet has been sent into a frenzy lately with tales of how robots and autonomous vehicles will ruin our livelihoods.

“I’m here to tell people not to fear all robots and autonomous vehicles, and introduce something that will disrupt the transportation industry, SeXla.

“People on the go can hop in a SeXla and can enjoy a free ride in the comfy confines while being provided a uniquely immersive and pleasurable stress relieving experience. We’re excited to deploy these in some of the country’s biggest markets. SeXla is coming soon to a city near you.”

Editor’s note: The image previously used to illustrate this article erroneously depicted a Zoox vehicle. The image was sent to us by CamSoda, but was only intended as an internal placeholder image by the company, and was not intended for circulation. CamSoda has asked us to make it “vehemently clear” that there is no relationship whatsoever between CamSoda and Zoox. The current image is the correct artwork rendering for this article, also sent by CamSoda. CamSoda says it has “never had any plans to use Zoox vehicles in association with any SeXla project or any project related to the same”.

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