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Europalco buys two robots from Kuka to add ‘wow factor’ to shows

Europalco, a Portuguese company which claims to be “the largest provider of solutions for events and shows in Southern Europe”, has recently invested in two Kuka robots to “create differentiating events with a new ‘wow factor’” for its clients.

Europalco plans to use the Kuka KR210 robots in many ways, with LED walls, LCD, lasers, and even artists or people assisting the events. The robots can hold, move, or animate monitors or video screens. They can also be used to produce props and mobile stage designs. The range of applications is limitless.

The Kuka KR210 are fast, dynamic, and flexible to bring splendid effects to the stage and the event. Engineers can leverage the flexibility of robots to create fascinating static stage sets for performance.

Each unit weighs approximately 1,214 kilograms, can reach a maximum height of 3.3 meters, support up to 210 kgs, and can be placed in rails that allow horizontal movements.

The Kuka KR C4 control unit that comes with the robots enables simple and powerful automation. In its software structure, the KR C4 includes a robot control, PLC control, motion control, and safety control.

All controls share a common database and infrastructure. It makes automation more straightforward and more powerful. Based on the new hardware and software architecture of the KR C4, all dedicated control processes communicate directly. In real time, without interface limitations.

Europalco, a company with a policy of constant investment in state-of-the-art technology, presented the robots at BTL 2023 show in Lisbon. Visitors to the stand were surprised by the innovative solutions and not expecting what they saw.

But Kuka robots were not the only investment made by the Portuguese company this year. Europalco has also added new light equipment, including different types of Kinetic lights with software control that allow to create dynamic installations with multiple patterns, colors, and synchronized movements.

Europalco has also added to its offer for events the most stylish headphones on the market that flash to the beat of your music and provide a different and innovative experience. The customizable Silent Disco Headphones are suitable for silent parties, simultaneous translation, tour guides, and silent conferences and seminars.

Pedro Magalhaes, founder and CEO of Europalco, says: “We are excited about our new acquisitions. At Europalco we always look for innovative and differentiated solutions for our clients, and Kuka is one of those products.

“We are ready for new challenges, to see what other ideas arise with this new technology that can exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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