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Hengbot unveils ‘world’s first robotic dog with musculoskeletal limbs’

A startup company called Hengbot has unveiled what it claims is “the world’s first robotic dog with musculoskeletal limbs”.

Named “Sparky”, the canine robot is described as a “breakthrough innovation”, with Hengbot saying that its mission is to “blur the line between technology and life” by developing machines that are agile, nimble, and warm to the touch.

With its musculoskeletal limbs and advanced artificial intelligence, Sparky is a “groundbreaking innovation” that closely resembles a live animal. It can run, jump, and perform tricks just like a real dog, says Hengbot.

Unlike other robotic dogs that can seem artificial and jerky, Sparky moves with “unparalleled fluidity and grace” due to its sleek and agile design, which closely mimics the movements of a natural dog.

Our robotic dog is a unique blend of technology and fun. It has a built-in camera and microphone that allow it to interact with its surroundings and the people it interacts with. The AI function gives it the ability to respond to commands, initiate conversations, and bring joy to everyone it meets.

The Sparky robotic dog can be easily controlled through an app or remote control, and it also has programmable and open-development capabilities.

Sparky has an all-metal body, more than 50 minutes battery life, a modular design and is expandable.

The robot will be featured on Kickstarter soon.

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