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ForwardX Robotics launches competition to win free fleet of robots

ForwardX Robotics is running a competition to win a fleet of 10 autonomous mobile robots as part of a warehouse automation system.

ForwardX Robotics, a supplier of AMR-based assisted picking solutions worldwide, launched the competition at the ProMat Show, which is in its final day today. The company says it will giveaway a 10-AMR system to a lucky winner in the United States.

The 10-AMR system will consist of ForwardX’s Flex autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) along with the appropriate accessories and its f(x) Fleet Manager.

Flex AMRs are primarily used for piece picking or smaller case picking in 3PL, retail, and e-commerce warehouses.

The ForwardX deep learning computer vision and fleet management enable it to offer AMRs with higher payload capacity.

Flex AMRs have a 661 lb payload capacity with a larger working surface area than their counterparts in the industry. For end users, this means less robots are needed to reach competitive productivity increases of 100 to 200 percent.

Nicolas Chee, ForwardX’s founder and CEO, says: “We are thrilled to offer this giveaway as we expand our US presence. We believe in our solutions and have seen what our AMRs can do for many customers around the globe. We are looking forward to letting one lucky company see the results.

“Taking the leap into automation can be a difficult decision for many customers that haven’t been exposed to newer solutions like ours. We hope that by offering this giveaway, we can start to break the mold of traditional thinking around automation. Today, automation can be flexible, simple, and affordable for end users.”

ForwardX’s customers benefit from significant increases in productivity and accuracy, reduced labor dependency, rapid deployment times, operational cost savings, and increased safety while keeping things flexible and easily scalable to demand fluctuation. Company’s can visit to enter by April 30, 2023.

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