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Neubility raises 3 billion won investment from Samsung

Neubility, an autonomous robot services company, has received a 3 billion won ($2.3 million) investment from Samsung Venture Investment.

With this investment, it has achieved about 30 billion won in total cumulative investments, while establishing a bridgehead for its global business by entering major overseas markets, such as Japan, Europe, and the United States, and building a production base in Southeast Asia.

Neubility is rapidly increasing its service competitiveness by accumulating data on urban driving experience from the CES 2023 Innovation Award-winning self-driving robot, Neubie, and the Robot as a Service (RaaS) platform, Neubiego.

Sangmin Lee, Neubility CEO, says: “We are honored and pleased to attract an investment from Samsung Venture Investment. Neubility will strive to boost its production and expand its services.”

Neubility has been laying a stable foundation for growth through a range of support including business collaboration opportunities and financial consulting since it was selected by C-Lab Outside, Samsung Electronics’ startup acceleration program, in 2021.

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