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Stiga launches ‘world’s smartest’ autonomous lawn mower

Stiga, a European manufacturer and distributor of garden machinery and equipment, has launched its Stiga A1500 Autonomous Robot Mower.

Stiga claims it is the “world’s smartest” autonomous law mower and the very first mower that combines RTK GPS with Stiga’s patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology for a robust signal that runs sustainably, without stoppages and which delivers “faultless mowing accuracy”.

Launched recently, the Stiga Autonomous Robot Mower has been created by Stiga’s engineers to revolutionise lawn care with a completely intelligent, consistently-smooth, sustainable mowing system.

Sean Robinson, CEO, Stiga, says: “While new technologies such as barrier recognition systems, lawn mapping, and lawn memory have emerged in the global robot mower market, these don’t go far enough to guarantee excellent lawn maintenance.

“The Autonomous Robot Mower, with its patented AGS technology, has been through an extremely rigorous process, with our green-fingered engineers questioning everything both Stiga and other manufacturers have done before.

“This means challenging all that has become accepted as the ceiling of innovation and having the courage to push boundaries.

“The end result is an industry-first product that uses technology for extremely simple lawn maintenance – which guarantees a beautiful garden as well.”

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