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Seoul Robotics establishes office at Curiosity Lab in Peachtree Corners

Peachtree Corners, a tiny US town which claims to be “one of the world’s first smart cities powered by real-world connected infrastructure and 5G”, has been chosen by Seoul Robotics as a new location for its company.

Seoul Robotics has established its United States office in Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners. The company’s presence in Curiosity Lab will fuel further development of its groundbreaking 3D perception platform, while providing the company with a real-world testing environment along Peachtree Corners’ city streets.

William Muller, vice president of business development for Seoul Robotics, says: “With our 3D smart infrastructure solutions already deployed in areas across the Southeast, establishing an office within Curiosity Lab was the logical next step as we continue to expand our US presence.

“Our sensor-agnostic solutions provide 3D models and real-time perception of intersections, roadways and more.

“Peachtree Corners’ smart city and Curiosity Lab ecosystem is the ideal environment to deploy and test our technologies in a real-world environment.

“We are looking forward to how this collaboration will advance our technologies, while also aiding the city’s goals of creating greener, safer and smarter streets.”

Seoul Robotics has developed the most robust 3D perception software on the market, SENSR, which uses deep learning to identify, track and predict hundreds of objects at once, powering a wide range of infrastructure-based products and solutions.

The company’s smart city-focused technologies make managing roadways simple, helping city managers improve safety, reduce traffic and decrease vehicle emissions.

This partnership reinforces Curiosity Lab’s international smart city presence and Peachtree Corners’ ever-growing, innovative environment.

Brandon Branham, City of Peachtree Corners assistant city manager and CTO and Curiosity Lab executive director, says: “We are honored to have Seoul Robotics join the Curiosity Lab ecosystem.

“Their cutting-edge technologies not only support city managers in improving everyday lives but will also work to enhance our smart city streets through actionable 3D insights.

“With experience in serving as a launch pad for multiple international companies, we are also looking forward to supporting Seoul Robotics as they continue to expand into the US market.”

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