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Rocla launches new automated compact truck for warehouses and loading docks

A Finland-based company called Rocla AGV has launched a new, agile AGV – named “ACT”, short for automated compact truck – designed to lift heavy loads in narrow spaces.

Rocla says ACT is an “exceptional addition” to its existing AGV line, allowing the company to offer our customers an even more versatile product range.

From the comprehensive Rocla AGV offering, there is always a suitable pick or combination for each customer’s unique needs in warehouse and production environments.

Rocla says ACT is handy to operate between warehouse and production or inbound and outbound areas. It fits easily in the existing warehouse environment with minimal rack modifications and operates efficiently between the warehouse and loading docks.

With a strong hydraulic unit, ACT is ideal for heavy-duty lifting as it does it safely, precisely, and quickly. The triplex mast enables lifting up to 6 meters. These qualities make ACT a great choice for higher warehouses, where it works as a fine companion for other high-lifting vehicles.

No matter if the handled load is with open or closed fork pockets, as ACT product family includes both forkover and counterbalance models, adds Rocla.

Kari Johansson, solutions management director, Rocla AGV solutions, says: “ACT is designed with optimal automation in mind, which means harmonious interaction between AGVs and manual operations, where all actors seamlessly communicate with each other and share the tasks.

“Optimal automation ensures that the transport equipment fleet is right-sized and meets the variation in transport capacity demands. When the material flow is shared between AGVs and forklifts, our customers get the maximum capacity of the fleet and remain agile and flexible. The right-sized fleet amount also means the best value for the investment.”

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