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Ambi Robotics and OSM partner to automate parcel sortation systems

Ambi Robotics, a provider of AI-powered robotic solutions for parcel sorting operations, has agreed a commercial partnership with OSM Worldwide, a global parcel and logistics services company.

Under the partnership, Ambi Robotics will deploy its flagship AmbiSort A-Series system to OSM Worldwide’s warehouse locations in Atlanta, Chicago, and Las Vegas in a minimum four-year Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) agreement.

The AmbiSort A-Series system helps global shippers like OSM Worldwide accelerate parcel sortation to last-mile delivery providers while enabling ecommerce customers to benefit from cost-savings, order accuracy, and predictable performance.

Solutions from Ambi Robotics are rooted in human-centric design and enable the evolution of warehouse work by automating repetitive and potentially injurious manual sorting tasks while empowering associates to work more efficiently and safely.

Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics, says: “We are excited to partner with OSM Worldwide to deploy our AI-powered robotic parcel sorting systems and empower their warehouse associates to handle more.

“Our AmbiSort A-Series systems will help OSM Worldwide unlock new levels of productivity and profitability while improving the safety and job satisfaction of their valued employees.”

The AmbiSort A-Series is a configurable, AI-powered robotic sorting system that rapidly adapts to pick and sort mixed parcels like polybags, flats and boxes into last-mile mailsacks.

The systems are modular and configurable to accept parcels via rolling bin or the new conveyor-fed automated induction system.

The new AmbiSort A-Series conveyor-fed system improves the efficiency of existing parcel sorting applications by autonomously sorting parcels in a modular footprint that can be overseen by one operator for every three to four robotic systems.

James Kelley, president at OSM Worldwide, says: “At OSM Worldwide, we are always looking for ways to improve our sorting and delivery operations, and we’re excited to partner with Ambi Robotics to empower our workforce with cutting-edge technology across our warehouses.

“With the AmbiSort A-Series systems, we can improve order accuracy and speed to our ecommerce customers while improving efficiency and safety for our warehouse employees amid rising parcel demand.”

Ambi Robotics solutions are powered by AmbiOS, the company’s proprietary operating system that leverages advanced simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) artificial intelligence (AI).

This breakthrough technology enables Ambi Robotics systems to be hardware-agnostic and can be configured to meet the unique needs of each customer. AmbiSort systems are full-stack solutions combining both hardware and software.

AmbiSort systems from Ambi Robotics are first designed and trained in simulation, which speeds up training 10,000x faster than teaching algorithms in the physical world.

Eric Hermonson, senior director of human resources at OSM Worldwide, says: “With increasing customer demand, our workforce at OSM Worldwide has grown over 126 percent in one year, and it’s critical that we equip our associates with the tools they need to operate efficiently and safely.

“While the technology speaks for itself, what makes Ambi Robotics such a world-class partner is the people – and their dedication in elevating the working conditions with assistive-automation.”

Ambi Robotics deployed an additional 60 robots to the company’s US customer base in under 60 days with less than 60 people, ahead of the 2022 peak holiday season.

Now, Ambi Robotics has AI-powered robotic sorting systems spanning over 13 cities across the US and will add additional AmbiSort A-Series systems to three OSM Worldwide locations starting in April 2023.

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