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Stratom and Imenco partner to develop robotic refueling systems for commercial aviation and offshore environments

The strategic partnership combines industry-leading technologies and expertise to deliver best-in-class autonomous refueling solutions to increase efficiencies, optimize business objectives and improve safety for global customers across various industries

Stratom, a developer of robotic refueling and autonomous systems, and Imenco, a specialist in military and civil aviation refueling solutions for commercial aviation and offshore applications, have agreed a strategic partnership to bring robotic refueling systems to customers worldwide.

The collaboration offers proven advanced systems that deliver safe and sustainable autonomous refueling systems that boost business value for the industrial, aviation, defense and offshore industries.

The partnership brings new and advanced developments in the autonomous refueling space. The combined portfolio offering equips organizations with the right tools to streamline operating efficiency, improve resource optimization, maximize human capital and enhance decision-making when autonomously fueling aircraft, vehicles and equipment.

Ross Edmonds, Aviation sales manager at Imenco, says: “This partnership is a great opportunity for both Imenco and Stratom to combine their innovative technologies to offer clients a complete remote operating refueling system.

“With our FuelSCAN Series of refueling systems and Stratom’s autonomous capabilities, we can offer a complete refueling, testing and reporting system that removes the need for human interaction.”

The offering includes RAPID, Stratom’s autonomous refueling and liquid transfer system, that delivers best-in-class autonomous robotic refueling, including its autonomous fuel port engagement capabilities.

Imenco’s FuelSCAN series of products bring 24/7 automated fuel monitoring and self-sampling with activity logs that are remotely accessible from virtually any location. Together, Stratom and Imenco empower organizations with customized and comprehensive refueling solutions.

Mark Gordon, president and CEO of Stratom, says: “At Stratom, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring two forward-thinking advanced technology companies together, combining our expertise and innovative solutions to reinforce the value robotic refueling and autonomous supply delivers.

“With Imenco’s diversified track record and global market presence, we recognize that we are stronger together — and the unique alignment between organizations will undoubtedly unlock benefits that propel this technology forward.”

Stratom’s unique robotic refueling solutions will benefit from Imenco’s in-depth fuels knowledge and presence in offshore, aviation and European markets, as well as the Norway-based company’s extensive catalog of integrated fuel solutions, parts and other equipment.

The partnership will also enable Imenco to further expand its presence in the US market. The bolstered portfolio will help both organizations meet the unique needs of their growing base of commercial, military and even recreational customers with advanced robotic refueling.

Imenco and Stratom will showcase their commercial aviation and offshore robotic refueling capabilities at the HAI HELI-EXPO in Atlanta, March 7-9, Booth # B2322.

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