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Sevensense Robotics to showcase its Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit at ProMAT

Swiss 3D visual autonomy provider Sevensense Robotics says it is planning to present its Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit at ProMAT 2023.

The software would enable “off-the-shelf prototyping solutions” for manufacturers of autonomous mobile robots, says the company.

Sevensense says automation has the potential to “exponentially increase efficiency, profitability, and safety in the logistics and manufacturing sectors”. But so far, the lack of a robust, yet flexible navigation technology has limited the scope and scale of automation in material handling operations.

Furthermore, the AMR manufacturing sector is extremely competitive. Most of its players rely on navigation technologies like 2D LiDAR SLAM or magnetic line following: proven in the field but limited in performance.

To gain a competitive advantage, many AMR manufacturers are looking into new technologies, but they often lack the resources, time, expertise, and talent to develop them.

This industry landscape is now changing with the arrival of the VSLAM navigation technology developed by Sevensense Robotics.

The Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit accelerates the development and deployment of automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots while improving their performance and expanding their operational capabilities.

Gianluca Cesari, CBDO at Sevensense Robotics, says: “We observed that many AMR manufacturers considered Alphasense Autonomy as an option to incorporate 3D Visual Autonomy capabilities into their offering but integrating, testing, and validating the fit of this navigation technology in their own vehicles and their use cases still required more expertise and time than they were able to invest without any in-house validation of the technology.

“The Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit offers them an off-the-shelf option to easily and quickly test Alphasense Autonomy and take a generational technological leap forward.”

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