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ABD partners with Jevons Robotics to further automate industrial vehicles

ABD Solutions has signed an agreement with Jevons Robotics to integrate Indigo Drive – a full stack system of autonomy and communications – with Jevons Robotics’ suite of automation-enabled industrial electric vehicles.

These vehicles will be operated automatically and supervised from a central control room improving safety and streamlining the mining process, both operationally and financially.

Todd Peate, CEO of Jevons Robotics, says: “We are delighted to announce a long-term partnership with ABD Solutions, a globally regarded automation company with substantial experience working with autonomous mining solution providers.

“We are focused on changing the way the world currently works in hazardous environments. We are working with several mining companies to deploy payload agnostic driverless electric vehicles to operate safely, efficiently, and sustainably within hazardous working environments.

Peate says: “The team will be working closely with ABD Solutions leveraging their considerable knowledge and experience for the benefit of our partners and the industry.

“The automated electric vehicle solution brings significant improvements to safety by removing people from high-risk work areas as well as providing increased operational efficiency and employee engagement.”

Matthew Price, ABD Solutions managing director, says: “We very much look forward to working with Jevons and forming a long-term partnership.

“We have experience implementing automation across a huge range of vehicles, including electric, so our solutions are great fit for Jevons.”

With a focus on safety, Indigo Drive enables site operations to become more efficient and safer by limiting employee exposure to extreme, dangerous and often unpredictable environments. Indigo Drive is a cyber secure and certified system suitable for even the harshest operating environments.

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