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Visteon and Steradian partner to develop autonomous car functions

Visteon, a technology company serving the mobility industry, and Steradian Semiconductors, an India-based high-tech imaging radar specialist, will collaborate on efforts to produce enhanced advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for the global automotive market.

As part of a joint development agreement, Steradian will provide Visteon with access to its advanced 4D image radar sensor hardware and perception software technology.

Imaging radars are integral to Level 2+ autonomous driving technology because they enable safety application development, AI-based perception algorithms, and sensor fusion.

Visteon’s DriveCore technology analyzes input from multiple sensors to understand the environment and determine appropriate action to steer, brake and accelerate the vehicle.

It uses artificial intelligence for object detection and tracking, situational analysis and driver-behavior planning to enable ADAS-related features including driver monitoring, automatic lane keeping and parking assistance.

Srini Adiraju, senior director of autonomous driving at Visteon, says: “Our Level 2+ autonomous driving technology is built on a scalable, open architecture with state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms.

“These technologies along with imaging radars will enable our platform to provide improved object detection and lead to safer driving experiences.”

Ashish Lachhwani, chief of business development at Steradian, says: “As an automotive electronics technology leader, we are excited to work with Visteon as they continuously push for the kinds of innovation that keep its automotive customers ahead of the curve.

“Our joint development agreement will help support safe driving experiences and eventually lead to higher levels of autonomous driving.”

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