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Apptronik and Terex to jointly develop robots for commercial use

Apptronik, a maker of general-purpose robots, exoskeletons and humanoids, has received an equity investment from Terex Corporation and has reached an agreement with Terex to co-develop “first-of-a-kind robots” to work alongside workers to support safety, productivity, and efficiency of industries that power the economy and are essential to building infrastructure.

Robots have long held the promise of solving labor shortages and productivity issues, but until recently have been limited to performing repetitive tasks within structured environments such as warehouses or factories.

While robots have proven useful at completing dull and repetitive tasks in controlled environments, they have not been leveraged for more complex tasks in unstructured environments.

This equity investment and co-development agreement will enable robotics to move out of warehouses and factories to do more complex tasks that are found outdoors in the unstructured world.

Industries outside of manufacturing and logistics will be able to use versatile robots that enable operator safety and productivity, allowing operators and business owners to prioritize innovation and deliver quality to their customers.

Jeff Cardenas, CEO and co-founder of Apptronik, says: “We are at an inflection point in the robotics industry where we’ll see general-purpose robots being leveraged by new industries in new environments doing tasks that were just not possible before.

“We are excited to work with Terex and blaze the trail for the robotics revolution that will inevitably transform the way we live and work.”

John Garrison, Terex chairman and CEO, says: “Robotic solutions like those that Apptronik and Terex will develop together will help the industries we serve to address the challenges they’re facing in a practical, cost-effective, and, most importantly, safe manner.

“This collaboration will enable Terex and Apptronik to bring these emerging technologies to the market faster than either company could do alone.”

The agreement kicks off a milestone year for Apptronik, and therefore the robotics industry at large.

Following a busy 2022 when the brand raised nearly $15 million in its seed round and announced a partnership with Nasa, Apptronik is now expected to both launch the world’s most advanced humanoid robot and make it available for commercial order later this year.

In addition to its work with Terex Corporation and Nasa, Apptronik’s team has built robotic systems for leading US automotive manufacturers, major transportation and logistics companies, and government agencies.

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