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Svaya Robotics launches ‘India’s first collaborative robot’

A startup company called Svaya Robotics has launched what it claims is “India’s first collaborative robot” and has debuted its products at the recent IMTEX event in Bengaluru, India.

Writing on his LinkedIn page, Vijay R. Seelam, managing director at Svaya Robotics, says: “We just wrapped up at IMTEX 2023 in Bengaluru.

“Svaya Robotics debuted India’s first collaborative robots – completely designed and made in India.

“We received phenomenal response from visitors and customers. We showed new applications and new possibilities along with our solution partners – Fer Robotics, 3M, PHD, Shmalz.”

Svaya describes its product range as a “full-stack collaborative robotics platform”, and says its cobot is precise, perceptive, versatile and safe.

It adds that its robots “advanced motion control together with high-precision encoders ensure repeatability within 0.05 mm and high accuracy every time”.

Currently, there are five models in Svaya’s collaborative robot range, and they are all provided with digital twin and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Additionally, the robots enables users to be fitted with “a multitude of third party end-effectors” enabling diverse applications.

The robots also have a built-in programmable logic controller, or PLC, so they can “seamlessly integrate into any eco-system, communicate across different industrial communication protocols (EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, Profinet, and so on) for comprehensive automation across production”, according to Svaya Robotics.

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