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Dutch shoe retailer Schuurman Schoenen implements Magazino robots

The robotics company Magazino has won Schuurman Schoenen as a new customer for the mobile picking robot TORU.

The Dutch company, known for offering a wide range of shoes, will use the robots in its warehouse in Neede, Netherlands.

By using the TORU robot, Schuurman Schoenen is implementing flexible automation for the manual picking process of shoeboxes.

With the implementation of our intelligent, mobile picking robot TORU, Schuurman is one of the innovative pioneers in the industry.

The continuous growth in e-commerce and smaller batch sizes require automation solutions that can be flexibly adapted and scaled as required.

The mobile picking robot TORU works autonomously with the help of 3D camera technology, numerous sensors, and can operate 24/7. It can also be easily implemented in Inbound and Outbound processes.

TORU robots reduce the typical order peaks in e-commerce and improve order lead times to customers by being able to operate also during night or weekends.

Arjan Schuurman, CEO Schuurman Schoenen, says: “With the Magazino robot solution TORU we found a flexible solution to secure our growth and services in the next years in a very competitive market.”

Julia Scholz, sales director at Magazino, says: “We are excited to start our common project in integrating our intelligent, mobile robots into the existing Schuurman processes.

“With the TORUs, Schuurman Schoenen has a solution to scale the fleet according to their growth and increase the availability of services to their customers.”

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