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Are Email Trackers Legal?

In our modern epoch, almost everyone prefers to communicate by email, and it is an extremely convenient and fast tool for establishing business relationships in the field of enterprise.

Today, it is an effective and efficient tool for communicating with clients and colleagues. However, there can be situations where an important email is sent to someone, but the recipient claims that he did not receive it, despite having reviewed it.

In such cases, it becomes important to determine if the recipient really didn’t receive the email or if he is lying.

In such situations, email tracking software is used that can confirm whether the recipients receive the emails and whether they read them or not.

The Concept of Email Tracking

Email tracking is done by observing the opening and clicks of emails sent. This feature can also be used to check the performance of email marketing campaigns, which significantly helps improve the effectiveness and quality of such strategies.

If Google Chrome is used as the primary browser, email trackers will turn out to be browser extensions. In this case, if the recipient opens the email, your email tracker will notify you via a message on your computer or via email.

This type of service allows everyone who subscribes to the service to know the fate of a sent letter:

  • read by the recipient;
  • when read;
  • how many times it was opened;
  • if it has been forwarded to other persons;
  • if passed on, to which email server, including its location.

The tracker also lets you know what type of web navigator and operating system the email recipient uses. Email tracking works by embedding invisible tracking pixels into your email.

They are also called web bugs, web beacons, or pixel tags. As soon as an email is opened, such a beacon sends a request to the servers to download the image, and lets you know that the email is open.

Email tracking allows you to track whether your first email was interesting enough for the recipient or not to open it.

If the recipient did not open the first email, it is doubtful that he will open subsequent emails, so it is worth stopping at this point.

In this way, sending follow-up emails is prevented and it saves time for both the sales representative and the recipient of the mail.

But if the contact responds to the emails and reviews them, it shows interest, so a new call to them can be relevant, timely and fruitful.

Tracking sent email correspondence provides valuable information about your email interactions with contacts, networks or potential customers.

This information can be used to understand the situation and to increase your reach by targeting their interest in your offer.

Many people wonder how legitimate this service is. It is worth noting that organizations do not track email accounts, but only monitor whether or not recipients open and read their sent emails. Therefore, it can be said that email tracking is not something illegal.

Email Tracking Using the PandaDoc

Email tracking lets you know and quickly take action when someone opens a document you’ve sent. To use the tracker, you must first download the Free Email Tracker extension for Chrome, and then:

  • Select Install tracker extension for Chrome
  • Click Add extension
  • Select Login using PandaDoc and authorize Email Tracker in your PandaDoc account. If you do not have a PandaDoc account, select Login with PandaDoc and then Register to create a new account

After all the actions performed, Email Tracker connects for all outgoing emails that are sent as usual, and there is a possibility to quickly check whether the recipients have opened them.

A small icon next to the subject of the email in the “Sent emails” section tells you this. One green check mark means that the recipient has not yet opened the email, and two green check marks indicate that he has already opened the email.

By hovering over the flags, you can see how many times and when the recipients have opened the email. You can easily deactivate this function completely or for specific emails if you wish.

Notifications come in real time. The function is available both on computers and mobile devices. The free tracker has the appropriate certification to the established standards SOC 2 Type II.

There is also a free email tracker for gmail on a free basis. The essence of the tracker is identical to the features that are provided in Chrome with the help of which you can see information about the consideration of emails.

Email tracking brings benefits to businesses as well as customers. Thanks to email tracking, businesses can navigate their email inboxes productively, communicate effectively and ultimately build and maintain constructive relationships.

Customers can interact with email messages without having to wait for numerous follow-up messages or calls.

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