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Berkshire Grey and Locus Robotics combine to offer ‘industry-first’ cross-platform robotic automation

Berkshire Grey, a provider of robotic solutions that automate supply chain processes, and Locus Robotics, a builder of autonomous mobile robotics for logistics and distribution warehouses, have agreed a partnership with the unveiling of their combined solution that integrates the Berkshire Grey Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (BG RSPWi) with Locus Origin and Locus Vector bots.

This “innovative integrated solution” uses end-to-end robotic automation solutions for retail and e-commerce customers looking to maximize their supply chain productivity and throughput while addressing growing labor shortages.

Ongoing labor availability and inflation challenges continue to put growing pressures on supply chain and distribution frameworks.

Retail and eCommerce businesses are strained to keep up with growing customer demands while managing the supply chain issues and keeping operational costs in control.

Customers are demanding flexible and seamlessly integrated best of breed robotic automation solutions to address these challenges and deliver top-quality customer experiences.

Mike Johnson, president at Locus Robotics, says: “Partnering with Berkshire Grey allows our customers to reap the benefits of enterprise-level robotic automation across some of their most business-critical supply chain processes.

“Berkshire Grey and Locus Robotics have been operating in the supply chain industry for many years now, and it’s great to see us join forces to deliver seamlessly integrated, proven, and impactful automation solutions that help our customers grow and succeed, now and into the future.”

Steve Johnson, president and COO at Berkshire Grey, says: “We have seen a growing number of customers asking for solutions that they can deploy holistically versus piecemeal innovation.

“Locus Robotics has a distinct value proposition in enabling greater flexibility in the supply chain industry with their robotic automation solutions.

“Now with Locus Robotics, we believe we can take our combined solutions to a wider market.”

This new solution helps retailers and e-commerce businesses maximize their throughput by:

  • Delivering a fast and packaged solution for order fulfillment and store replenishment
  • Processing a wide range of SKUs, surpassing SKU coverage of other alternatives
  • Enabling a fully-automated, end-to-end supply chain ecosystem
  • Augmenting supply chain operations with optimized labor and costs

Berkshire Grey and Locus Robotics are also exploring the future integrations of Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Product Sortation (BG RPS), Robotic Shuttle Product Sortation (BG RSPS), Robotic Pick and Pack for eCommerce Autobagging (BG RPPi).

With this end-to-end package of robotic solutions, businesses can fully automate their order fulfillment, autobagging and store replenishment processes while seeing immediate ROI and throughput improvements.

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