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Choosing real estate in Istanbul for investment

A hot oriental temperament, hot Turkish blood, good nature, and open hearts are the characteristics of Istanbul.

As a real capital, this city is rich in ancient history and unsurpassed architecture, uniquely combined with trendy boutiques and luxurious restaurants. Buying apartments in Istanbul can be a really good choice for investment.

Istanbul is an amazing city. It smells of fresh pastries and flowers, makes you admire the unique oriental sunset and enjoy the gentle dawn, energizes and relaxes at the same time.

Istanbul does not change its traditions. Every year on its streets you can see merchants offering only caught fish from the Bosphorus, cafe owners who do not hesitate to invite you to their establishment, which, of course, is the best in the whole area. And also the constant shoe shiners eager to wave their brush over your dusty shoes.

To never again fall out of this fragrant, bright, colorful city, you can, like many wealthy people, succumb to temptation and acquire a piece of it.

Apartments in Istanbul. Are they worth buying?

In recent years, there have been many rumors, which is why many foreign investors are afraid to invest in real estate in Istanbul. Istanbul is a city that is developing rapidly and is in constant demand among tourists, thanks to the abundance of attractions.

There are lively areas here, where it is always noisy and fun, where one-room and two-room apartments, new buildings and secondary housing, will be in demand among those who want to rent housing inexpensively for recreation.

And there are calm and quiet areas near the sea where you can settle with your family and enjoy the impeccable views of Turkey and the mild climate, not to mention the delightful landscapes of the Bosphorus, the Black and Marmara Seas. And here are affordable prices for recreation and entertainment.

If we talk about investments, the best way to invest money is to buy an apartment or a house under construction. And even better at the pit stage.

Residential facilities are being built quite quickly, but at the same time, all European standards are observed.

But if you plan to rent an apartment in the future on a long-term or short-term basis, then both new housing and resale will do. The main thing is to choose a good area.

Istanbul is a wonderful city for living, recreation, and business development. If you are planning to live and work here, it is essential to take a responsible approach to purchasing the residential and commercial real estate.

The prices for apartments in Istanbul

Selling cheap apartments in Istanbul from a developer is an opportunity not only to buy your own home in one of the largest southern metropolitan areas, but also to make a profitable financial investment.

After all, Istanbul apartments under construction are much cheaper – sometimes 30 percent cheaper than the same but ready-made apartments.

As for the pricing policy for real estate in the Turkish capital, the cost of buying a home depends on:

  • the selected region in Istanbul;
  • area of the chosen apartment;
  • view from the windows and remoteness from the coastline of the sea or the Bosphorus;
  • complex infrastructure;
  • and, accordingly, on the type of property chosen: finished or under construction.

You can find apartments in Istanbul with an area of 41 sq m for €39,500 and furnished apartments in a finished residential complex with an area of 76 sq m for €290,000.

Which area of Istanbul is it better to buy apartments for a foreigner?

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in regions such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, and Esenler, where new buildings appear most often, are distinguished by the most affordable apartments. It is worth noting that these regions are absolute favorites for foreign investors to buy.

The tourism potential of Istanbul is one of the highest in the country. If you want to buy an apartment that you can use as a summer house, feel free to choose Silivri or Agva. Apartments located near the beaches are preferred by those who want to avoid the city’s noise.

Property in Turkey

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