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Brain Corp partners with Google Cloud to introduce analytics solution for retailers

Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence company creating technologies in robotics, is partnering with Google Cloud to launch “BrainOS Inventory Insights”, a new and proprietary solution able to deliver next generation in-store inventory analytics to retailers. 

Brain Corp, which already powers the largest global fleet of autonomous robots in public spaces and the world’s largest fleet of robotic inventory scanners, will now offer retail customers “a true end-to-end solution” for analyzing the inventory data collected by its BrainOS powered inventory scanning robots.

Using BrainOS Inventory Insights, retailers will be able to quickly identify out-of-stock and low stock events, assess product details such as where an item is (product location), if it’s in the correct location (planogram compliance) and ensure it’s priced correctly (​​price tag compliance).

By providing these highly accurate, actionable, and localized insights, retailers can intelligently manage their inventory, improve operational efficiencies, improve productivity, and elevate their customer shopping experiences across all channels to increase revenue, improve margins and improve customer loyalty.

Botond Szatmáry, vice president of new technology and business development at Brain Corp, says: “Our partnership with Google Cloud has allowed us to develop an in-house inventory analytics solution that delivers an entirely new level of utility for retailers.

“Having access to accurate and actionable insights like shelf-restock alerting, price tag compliance alerting and task management automation, allows retailers to fully optimize in-store operations to increase sales and provide amazing customer experiences.”

BrainOS Inventory Insights utilizes Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Vision models, including the product recognizer and tag recognizer models, combined with Google Cloud’s BigQuery, enabling Brain Corp to deliver this solution across retail segments at scale.

Carrie Tharp, VP of retail and consumer solutions, Google Cloud, says: “We want to help retailers tackle their daily shelf checking tasks more easily, quickly and efficiently, and AI is the perfect tool for the task.

“We’re proud to combine Google Cloud’s AI and data analytics innovations with Brain Corp’s leading-edge technology and industry know-how. Together we’re providing retailers a practical, flexible and scalable AI solution that meets their unique needs.”

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