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Saas-Fee: Wait, What, Car-Free?

Can a place actually be car-free? Well, yes!

Saas-Fee is a hamlet in Switzerland that prohibits the use of automobiles and is located at the base of the highest peak in Switzerland, the Dom (4,545 meters above sea level).

This mountain is best seen from the tallest restaurant in the world that revolves 360 degrees. Due to the fact that there are 350 kilometers of hiking paths and theme trails, it is the ideal location for hikers and trekkers.

Robi – to Help Move Your Stuff Around

To help you travel and walk without your luggage, this village has devised an extremely creative robot. Meet Robi, the robotic vehicle rolling around the picturesque town of Saas-Fee. It is on a mission to ensure that tourists don’t have to lug their suitcases and bags up and down its steep streets!

This is an impressive feat in itself, considering Robi is no ordinary robot – with its four-wheel drive capability and built-in sensors, this futuristic vehicle is capable of navigating even the most challenging terrains.

But what’s even more remarkable is the fact that you can actually hitch a ride on it! That’s right – hop on board Robi, and it will take you directly to your holiday flat or hotel in no time at all.

With its cheerful demeanor and friendly attitude, there’s no doubt that Robi has become a popular attraction among locals and visitors alike. It can be seen trundling around town every day, chugging along with his cool cargo of suitcases in tow.

Sustainable Progress

Saas-Fee, the gem of the Swiss Alps, is a true testament to sustainability. Since 1951, Saas-Fee has had an official policy of remaining traffic-free. Visitors can get around by a relaxed network of electric buses and taxis. With its commitment to minimising environmental impact, Saas-Fee is known for its ecologically friendly buildings and sources of energy – from solar to geothermal.

The village was recognised for its commitment to sustainability by the UNWTO and has been a part of its Best Tourism Villages programme.

As well as preserving its natural beauty for generations to come, its sustainability measures have also helped maintain the air quality in the region and provide a safe haven for local wildlife.

In addition to its public transport services, various initiatives are in place to raise awareness about sustainability among both locals and visitors. So, there you have it: Saas-Fee has been committed to sustainability long before it was trendy.

Renewable Energy Production

In Saas-Fee, the district heating network is a truly exciting development in renewable energy technology. Businesses and households can connect to this network, and their energy supply can be generated from renewable sources such as biomass, solar, hydro, or geothermal.

The current system has already proved hugely successful in providing energy to hotels and households alike, and plans are underway for an expansion of the system so it is able to provide for up to 200 single-family homes in the future.

This growth will be a tremendous addition to Sustainable Saas fee’s continued commitment to green and sustainable living.

Take Away

The Swiss resort town of Saas-Fee is a great example of sustainability in action. From its car-free streets to its renewable energy sources, progressive measures have been taken to ensure the town’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty for generations to come.

The Robi robot is just one of the many initiatives that have been put in place to make this beautiful destination a greener and more inviting place for everyone. With its commitment to sustainability, Saas-Fee is a great example of how we can all take steps toward reducing our environmental impact.

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