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Nidec launches two new robot cameras for hobbing and broaching machines

Nidec Machine Tool has launched two new robot cameras for hobbing and broaching machines to help automate visual inspections of cutting tools.

Robot Camera “Speed”, visual inspection equipment for cutting tools (hobbing machines) to process gears and other components, and Robot Camera “Max”, visual inspection equipment for broaching machines.

The company says the two robot cameras can reduce tooling inspection time to “less than 1/10 of its current length”.

Robot Camera Max, the inspection equipment for broaching machines, can inspect a tool of up to 2,300 mm long.

These robot cameras use a digital camera to automatically shoot images of cutting tools’ edges at a high speed and with high accuracy, and save the graphic data of those images.

By entering a tool’s specifications into a Robot Camera, the user can have it determine what images to shoot of tools of different shapes, and identify any missing part on the edge of a cutting edge and any detached portion of coating, while judging if any problem exists with a tool’s visual appearance, including its wear status.

The robot cameras, both developed for the automation of Nidec’s cutting tool manufacturing and regrinding. This improves their quality and can reduce inspection time by 90 percent.

Robot Camera Speed, Nidec’s latest inspection equipment for hobbing machines, can capture images of hob cutters with a straight or spiral tooth depth with an external diameter of 20-130 mm, a total length of 50-350 mm, and a weight of up to 20 kg.

With the images of all blades taken from four different directions with high accuracy, Robot Camera Speed can determine if there is any problem with the cutting tool.

Robot Camera Max can accommodate a large and long tool with a maximum diameter of 200 mm, a length of 2,300 mm, and a weight of 30 kg. It can capture images of any blade alignment, such as straight, helical, and spline.

Both Speed and Max are now available as part of Nidec Machine Tool’s strategy to improve its cutting tool-related services.

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