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TTTech Auto expands in China with software platform for automated driving

TTTech Auto, the Austria-based technology company specialising in automotive safety software, is expanding its operations with a dedicated subsidiary in China.

The new TTTech Auto branch in Shanghai will bring its expertise and the series proven safe vehicle software platform, MotionWise, to car manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and partners to the rapidly developing Chinese automotive market.

TTTech Auto already has a presence in the Chinese market through its joint venture Technomous operated together with SAIC Motor, China’s largest automotive manufacturer. This further expansion, with an office in Shanghai, is part of the growth strategy in light of a $285 million (EUR 250 million) investment from Aptiv and Audi announced earlier this year.

Friedhelm Pickhard, chief growth officer at TTTech Auto, says: “Asia is one of the most important growth regions.

“Chinese automakers, in particular, are very ambitious to drive the development of automated vehicle features and take the next step towards autonomous vehicles. With our safe vehicle software platform, MotionWise, we provide the series-proven core building block to develop the necessary software-defined car – safe from the start.”

The safety of more and more automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) will have a direct impact on end-consumer adoption. With the latest investment, TTTech Auto aims to further expand its product portfolio and the service it offers to its customers not only in this area.

TTTech Auto’s flagship product, MotionWise, ensures that mission-critical data circulates reliably and in real time throughout the vehicle. It guarantees the safety execution in the system, prioritizes safety-critical functions and ensures that the car responds in a timely manner.

In addition, specialized tools will enable automakers to dramatically accelerate the software development process, from concept to volume production, including post-sale feature updates over-the-air.

Yang Ouyang, general manager China at TTTech Auto, says: “From our office in Shanghai, we will provide expertise and technology and work closely with Chinese automakers to ensure the system safety of upcoming vehicle generations and shorten their software development time.

“This saves a huge amount of resources for our customers and, more importantly, a lot of time otherwise spent on technology development and constant safety adjustments.”

Software has become a key competitive advantage for automotive companies around the world as well as in China. According to Deloitte’s China Industry Outlook 2022, the tech-savvy Generation Z will soon replace Millennials and form the largest group of first-time car buyers in China.

They prefer experience and customer satisfaction through smart features over price. Related to this, autonomous driving features and likely the underlying safety technology will soon no longer be a key differentiator for new cars, but a must-have for upcoming smart, software-based vehicles.

The team at TTTech Auto’s Shanghai subsidiary is looking for further hires in China.

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