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Sea Machines Robotics to introduce computer vision to US Coast Guard critical missions

Sea Machines Robotics, a developer of pioneering maritime autonomy and perception systems, has installed its new AI-ris computer vision product onboard a United States Coast Guard (USCG) 270’ Famous-class Medium Endurance Cutter ahead of the vessel’s upcoming deployment.

AI-ris uses artificial intelligence to identify and track visual targets of interest.

This installation was made possible under an ongoing Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between Sea Machines Robotics and the USCG Research and Development Center in an effort to evaluate how computer vision systems can be utilized for autonomous navigation, collision avoidance, and target detection.

The deployment of AI-ris provides the USCG a new tool for maritime domain awareness and allows Sea Machines to refine its computer vision technology with feedback from the USCG across diverse environmental conditions and operational scenarios.

The collaboration between Sea Machines and the US Coast Guard began in 2020 following the USCG Research and Development Center selecting the Sea Machines’ SM300 remote command and autonomy product for their 29 ft research vessel.

Michael Johnson, Sea Machines CEO, says: “The close collaboration between Sea Machines and the United States Coast Guard Research and Development Center extends deeply into their mission-oriented service.

“The USCG is a branch of the armed forces, a law enforcement agency, a regulator, a member of the US Intelligence community, and a first responder. Sea Machines’ goal is to lead with new technologies that advance on-water operations and support the Coast Guard in the many missions they serve.”

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