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Kollmorgen Automation partners with Front AGV

Kollmorgen Automation, is partnering with Front AGV, a Swedish integrator and designer of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), to create “top-level AGV solutions”.

Front AGV is part of 3Button Group, an automation group specialized in user-friendly and advanced robotic solutions for the consumer, food and automotive industries.

The solutions cover a range of processes in the manufacturing line; from machine tending, assembly and labeling, to picking, packing, and palletizing.

Emil Arnesson, CEO, Front AGV, says: “Kollmorgen’s NDC Solutions is the logical choice for us. They provide a superior, reliable, and customizable software and hardware solution for vehicle routing and navigation – and we have a close collaboration. This enables us to innovate faster and build more optimized vehicle systems.”

Tobias Byfeldt, vice president, Kollmorgen Automation, says: “Front AGV is a very visionary and innovative vehicle designer.

“The ease-of-use and simplicity of their Production Butler AGV makes it perfect for end-users in need of compact and efficient vehicles that support their manufacturing lines. We are convinced that the demand for these types of vehicle systems will continue to grow.”

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