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Sarcos Robotics and Changi Airport test outdoor robotic baggage handling system

Sarcos Technology and Robotics, a manufacturer of advanced robotic systems, and Changi Airport has completed a demonstration of a jointly developed outdoor-based autonomous baggage loading system prototype.

In collaboration with CAG, Sarcos is developing an outdoor-based baggage loading system to automate the loading and unloading of loose passenger bags from narrow-bodied aircraft.

The inaugural field demonstrations were conducted during September 2022 at Singapore Changi Airport and validated the opportunity for robotics to reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries from baggage handling and augment the ground handling labor force.

To support air traffic recovery and meet long-term staffing needs, CAG is investing in robotics technology to automate labor-intensive roles in the outdoor apron environment. Autonomous technologies will be needed to meet a significantly increased need for airport employees.

The development and trial of the baggage loading system is partially funded by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore through its Aviation Development Fund. The ADF supports initiatives to improve productivity in the Singapore aviation sector through the use of innovative solutions.

Kiva Allgood, president and CEO, Sarcos, says: “Changi Airport is an industry visionary and continues to be a key development partner to Sarcos.

“Deploying robotics to improve workplace safety is core to our mission at Sarcos and this system has the potential to transform airports across the globe by making them safer and reducing passenger delays due to weather-related downtime. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with CAG to augment the workforce of the tarmac with robotics.”

Poh Li San, senior vice president of Terminal 5 Planning, CAG, says: “Similar to major airports throughout the world, recruiting enough ground handling personnel to support our growth is a challenge.

“We have been encouraged by the innovative solution from Sarcos to help address these issues, and we’re excited to explore the next steps towards implementation.”

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