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Buy and Sell Automation Components with Automa.Net

Finding the right industrial automation parts and components can be time-consuming, which can lead to losses, especially if the part you’re looking for is an emergency replacement.

Instead of manually searching for suppliers and distributors in search of the parts you need, you can quickly access millions of parts from hundreds of distributors at Automa.Net – what is it exactly?

What is Automa.Net?

Automa.Net is a platform for industrial automation businesses who are looking to buy and sell parts and components. The website provides users with an intuitive Inventory Search option that allows you to simply type in the part number or code and immediately find the suppliers that have it in stock.

For sellers, Automa.Net offers an easy way to reach business clients who are looking for the specific parts you are selling. By simply uploading your offer to the Automa.Net database (which only takes a few minutes), you can reach thousands of potential customers who will find you based on their exact needs, making selling specific components much more efficient.

Find reliable suppliers and manufacturers at Automa.Net

The platform connects distributors, brokers, and system integrators, allowing them to sell surplus and non-rotating stocks directly to new global partners, as well as find urgent parts from whoever has them currently in stock.

Automa.Net runs a business directory with over 10,000 component suppliers, machine builders, and manufacturers from all around the globe.

Looking for a component from a specific manufacturer? Automa.Net hosts offers for products from over 600 different brands – from frequency converters to I/O modules. All you need to do to find the one you’re looking for is type the part number into the search bar!

Latest industrial automation news and more

At Automa.Net, you’ll also find the latest industry automation news, including announcements of all the new business and enterprise members of the Automa.Net platform.

The website also promotes and describes the latest industry events, such as the 2022 Smart Production Solutions in Nuremberg – an acclaimed trade show with over 40,000 interested visitors.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a producer in need of specific parts, Automa.Net can definitely make your life multiple times easier – check it out today with a FREE 14-day trial!

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