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Tigres and IAR Group partner to develop new automated plasma system

IAR Group, a Switzerland company which specializes in automation systems, and Tigres, a Germany company which specializes in plasma systems, are entering into a collaboration.

The two companies are combining their core competences in industrial automation and plasma technology. The aim of the cooperation is to offer automated complete solutions.

Sébastien Perroud, CEO of the IAR Group, says: “I am very pleased about the collaboration with Tigres. Thanks to their expertise in plasma technology, we are now able to offer complete automated solutions for the surface treatment of materials to a wide range of industries worldwide.”

Timo Landahl, sales manager at Tigres, has a similar view: “IAR Group’s expertise in automation and robotics complements our offering perfectly. Together we can offer our existing customers high-quality and comprehensive solutions and also open up new markets and customers.”

Many materials used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, household appliance, printing, textile and packaging industries are modified with plasma systems from Tigres GmbH prior to further processing.

Landahl says: “Whether fine cleaning, activating, coating or deburring with our self-developed solutions and tools in plasma technology, we ensure that materials can be bonded, coated, painted, marked or printed in downstream production processes according to individual customer requirements.”

The IAR Group brings together three successful companies with many years of experience in the construction of automated special systems. Over the past 45 years, the companies of the IAR Group have built numerous special plants for a wide range of industries, including complex plants for surface treatment and coating of materials.

Perroud says: “Thanks to our group member Zeugma in Portugal, we already have know-how in the implementation of plasma technology. The collaboration with Tigres will massively expand this know-how.

“In addition, we will increasingly contribute our competencies in automation. In our collaboration with Tigres, 1+1 therefore adds up to much more than 2.”

Sébastien Perroud and Timo Landahl are convinced that demand for automation systems for surface treatment with plasma technology will increase in the coming years, especially in Western industrialized countries.

Perroud says: “Competition from the Far East, the shortage of skilled workers and cost pressure are forcing many companies to rethink and optimize processes – there is therefore enormous potential for automated plasma systems.”

Landahl says: “In future industries such as photovoltaics, e-mobility and battery cell production, a wide field is opening up for plasma systems – we can offer these industries intelligent, automated complete solutions.”

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