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MicroPort MedBot NaviBot completes first clinical use of Skywalker surgical robot

MicroPort NaviBot International, in a recent collaboration with MicroPort Orthopedics, has completed the first clinical use of the SkyWalker Robotic System in the United States.

Dr Joseph Kavolus, of Lighthouse Surgical Suites in Hollis, New Hampshire, conducted the successful procedure. Dr Kavolus specializes in orthopedic surgery and the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

The SkyWalker Robotic System provides the surgeon information that can help achieve the desired joint line reconstruction while providing data to optimally balance soft tissues.

Combined with MicroPort’s Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System, it replicates the natural stability and motion of the knee delivering a functionally restorative design that offers surgeons an innovative solution to problems such as instability, anterior knee pain, and functional limitations.

Jake Adams, VP, commercial operations, says: “These two advanced technologies aim to improve patient outcomes, and overall patient satisfaction through a kinematic-focused clinical solution.

“We believe this pairing will be an attractive clinical solution when compared to current options on the market – defining a new, ‘patient first’ standard for treatment while improving the overall knee surgical experience.”

Kavolus says: “The design of the Evolution Medial-Pivot knee makes me a better surgeon, regardless of my alignment philosophy and, as a new user, I couldn’t be happier to provide this to my patients.

“For the first case with a new technology, I was pleasantly surprised at the smooth flow and execution, ease of integration into my workflow, and thrilled that the outcome was exceptional.”

The organization has now moved into its limited market release and intends to ramp up its site locations. MicroPort MedBot also intends to integrate new applications on its platform including Hip replacement as a next application in early 2024.

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