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Mouser takes a closer look at autonomous mobile robots in podcast feature

Mouser Electronics, a new product introduction distributor with a wide selection of semiconductors and electronic components, has released the final remaining 2022 episode of its Empowering Innovation Together program.

The new instalment delves into recent developments in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which has led to new enhancements and cutting-edge applications across a number of industries.

Although AMRs have been around since the 1990s, they have since received a technological tune-up thanks to artificial intelligence, computer division systems, and 5G communications.

These technologically advanced robots have provided new levels of flexibility, autonomy and usefulness in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, overall maximising efficiencies.

Glenn Smith, president and CEO of Mouser Electronics, says: “Through increasingly advanced technologies, AMRs add an unprecedented layer of efficiency and productivity to our factories and supply chains.

“We hope the EIT audience will gain a better understanding of how AMRs can streamline operations in a safe, intelligent way.”

In this instalment, audiences can listen to The Tech Between Us podcast, watch a new Then, Now & Next video, and read through other exclusive content to gain deeper insight into the applications and technologies that power and support AMRs, as well as business use cases.

Raymond Yin, director of technical content at Mouser Electronics, and host of The Tech Between Us sits down with Niamh Donnelly, co-founder and CRO of Akara Robotics, for a discussion about the new generation of AMRs. The podcast is available on the Mouser website and on all major streaming platforms.

Donnelly says: “Raymond and I had a great discussion about AMRs and the hardware advancements and safety measures that make them a great addition to a variety of facilities.

“The latest designs have grown in sophistication to match the intricacies of the latest technology, creating collaborative robots that will be beneficial for years to come.”

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