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Benefits of AMG wheels Mercedes: What is AMG Mercedes wheels?

G-class cars and many other models of the German brand Mercedes are equipped with high-quality and beautiful AMG wheels Mercedes, which are produced by the Mercedes-AMG division.

AMG is a division of Daimler AG, which specializes in the production of auto parts for serial and exclusive models of Mercedes-Benz premium segment.

Its products leave far behind competitors from all over the world. One of the most popular AMG products are wheels. AMG wheels emphasize the elegant appearance of the car and meet all quality standards. Complete with branded tires, they are the perfect solution for luxury and sporty Mercedes models.

Main characteristics of AMG Mercedes rims

Mercedes rims, produced by AMG, are a combination of impeccable style and amazing efficiency. These accessories are manufactured at company factories in Germany and are popular not only among ordinary motorists, but also among specialists in the automotive industry.

The reason for this was not only the use of a high-quality light alloy in the manufacturing process, but also a unique design.

The manufacturer offers customers both regular rims, black amg rims, and assemblies with summer and winter tires. Despite the high cost, AMG accessories are a bargain as they do not wear out over time.

Distinctive features of Mercedes AMG rims

Amg rims are an indicator of the wealth of the car owner. The manufacturing company develops wheels that complement the design concept of the vehicle, which allows you to emphasize or enhance attention to the details that characterize a particular car model. Installing AMG wheels will give your car attention both in traffic and in the parking space.

In addition to the elite design, AMG wheels, regardless of the series or model, have a number of technical features that improve the performance of the vehicle. Distinctive features of the AMG series are:

  • Impact resistance – the use of metal alloys with a minimum amount of additives allows you to create a disc with high strength and energy absorption.
  • The original disks are not afraid of physical exertion – due to the absence of debris in the metal during casting, the impacts are evenly distributed over the disk area, which reduces the risk of point deformation;
  • Low weight – cast or forged wheels are lightweight, which is beneficial to the vehicle’s performance, namely handling and economy. Lightweight discs make it easier to drive a car in a critical situation and allow you to reduce the average fuel consumption due to the highest efficiency when transmitting torque from the drive to the tires;
  • Corrosion resistance – the surface of the discs is not subject to corrosion. A thin oxide layer forms a protective film that prevents the risk of metal tarnishing and damage to the appearance. With proper care, AMG wheels retain their original condition, regardless of the length of use;
  • Original design – the main reason for the high popularity of AMG wheels is their appearance. The concept of the wheels is designed to emphasize the design of the car itself, which allows you to add a touch of aggressiveness and elegance.

Genuine AMG wheels are able to last more than 10 years under aggressive conditions without losing their original characteristics. AMG is not only a way to transform the appearance of the car, but also to provide comfort and safety in motion.

How to distinguish the original AMG rims for Mercedes from the fake

The market for premium car wheels is flooded with counterfeit wheels that mimic the design of the original rims, but are significantly inferior to the latter in quality. At first glance, a fake can be difficult to distinguish from the original, but there are several characteristic features that allow you to accurately identify non-original discs.

The following markings are ALWAYS present on original Mercedes-Benz wheels:

  • Original part number in the form of an alphanumeric code;
  • Disk parameters (width, radius, overhang);
  • Marking in the form of a Mercedes-Benz star logo;
  • Country of manufacture and / or manufacturer.

The quality of the paintwork of black AMG rims

A thin layer of varnish, careless coloring, as well as discrepancy between the color of the disc and the original are the hallmarks of non-original discs. In addition to a decrease in aesthetic qualities, this leads to the rapid occurrence of corrosion – one season is enough for the “replica” to completely lose its presentation.

Quality of metal and workmanship

The heterogeneous, “porous” structure of the metal, especially noticeable on the reverse side of the disc, in combination with the rough surface treatment, become noticeable at first sight.


The AMG brand is trusted by millions of customers. The shape of the disks does not change under the influence of mechanical factors, and therefore they have a long service life, due to compliance with all production norms and standards.

Buyers can choose between three color options: silver, chrome and black. The company also produces innovative models for the design of which argon is used. A rich assortment allows you to create a unique and inimitable look of the car.

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