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Fabric and Reply partner to expand robotic capabilities for warehouses

Fabric, a retail fulfillment automation company, and Reply, which specializes in new communications channels and digital media, have entered into a strategic partnership to offer brands and retailers “seamless integration” to a single point solution for a warehouse management system and automated robotic fulfillment.

Fabric will use the LEA Reply supply-chain execution platform – developed by Logistics Reply – to integrate with its automation solution and provide a ready-to-use connector to Reply’s leading WMS in the market.

This will also allow both Fabric and Reply to quickly develop new features for their customers to improve the performance of the robotics, WES, and WMS with minimal additional integration efforts and no disruption to the customers’ operations.

Especially amid a boom in online shopping and increasing customer expectations for rapid delivery times, this technology satisfies retailers’ critical need to revolutionize their fulfillment strategies in order to maintain their competitive edge in the market.

LEA Reply can be used to rapidly develop and build new end-to-end supply chain solutions for any business requirement. By augmenting Fabric’s MFC® automation platform, the combined solution empowers retailers to maximize customer satisfaction, making MFC®s more local, flexible and automated to allow for faster deliveries and more efficient operations.

Avi Jacoby, Fabric’s CEO, says: “We are quite excited about this partnership. Reply’s technology complements ours very well and ensures a robust automated fulfillment platform for any brand, retailer, or 3PL that is ready to take their supply chain to the next level.

“This is the future of fast, accurate, cost-effective fulfillment: placing inventory close to the consumer and automating the operations.”

The companies say this partnership gives customers new levels of flexibility and automation, including:

  • Actionable data and intelligence: Together, predictive analytics can combine with automation to maximize fulfillment optimization and speed. For example, updated sales forecasts can inform how inventory is displayed within the MFC®s, optimizing the space and reducing picking time and distance.
  • Faster onboarding: By snapping together modular microservices like building blocks, Fabric and Reply can accelerate new process configurations and data migrations, getting new customers up and running with unprecedented speed.
  • Easy extensibility: Systems talk easily with one another through APIs, effortlessly integrating with external systems of customers and couriers.

Enrico Nebuloni, executive partner at Reply, says: “We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership that allows us to offer retailers a smart, orchestrated and complete ecosystem for e-commerce fulfillment and logistics.

“The omni-channel operating models for orders preparation and delivery such as depot fulfillment, in-store fulfillment, drop shipping, curbside pickup, lockers and home delivery, that are all natively supported by our proprietary LEA Reply platform, can be now complemented, in a seamless way, by Fabric’s innovative MFCs.”

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