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Epson opens robot training centers for customers and system integrators in the US

In order to meet increased demand for automation solutions, Epson Robots is expanding access to Epson certified robot training for customers and system integrators.

The wide variety of high-quality, certified courses are designed to help students quickly and effectively program and operate Epson’s robot and vision products.

The courses are offered in-person at Epson’s headquarters in Los Alamitos, California and now at a number of regional Epson Robots Certified Training Centers located in the Western, Southern, and Northeastern US.

All courses are taught by Epson-certified instructors in structured environments designed for hands-on learning. Students will achieve valuable skills that will help them implement automation systems faster.

They will understand how and when to use various functions and options in Epson Robots programming software, resulting in the ability to deliver a higher quality of work and gain a head start on their next automation projects.

Rick Brookshire, director of product management and product development, Epson Robots, says: “Epson recognizes that taking time to leave the plant and travel to attend essential training sessions can be a challenge for our customers.

“Epson opened these Robot Certified Training Centers to provide customers and partners with an efficient and flexible way to obtain the latest in automation training to reduce their development time through innovative robot usage techniques taught in these courses.”

Conveniently located across the country with Epson Robots AutomateFirst partners, such as Gibson Engineering, Olympus Controls, CIMTEC Automation, and Advanced Control Solutions, Epson Robots Certified Training Centers provide flexibility for students who wish to minimize travel time and costs.

Courses include beginner and advanced robot programming in the RC+® development environment, Robotic Vision Guidance, and Epson RC+ Express, and are standardized to ensure students receive the same training and certification, regardless of the location attended.

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