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ForwardX Robotics releases new fully autonomous forklift

ForwardX Robotics, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and warehouse solutions provider, has added the Apex 1400-L to its list of AMRs available in the United States.

Apex 1400-L is a fully autonomous forklift which further enhances ForwardX’s capabilities in warehousing workflows including receiving, putaway, replenishment, raw material movement, and shipping.

Forklifts have always played an important role in the warehousing industry. With the acceleration of e-commerce in recent years, companies are facing new challenges that come with traditional manual forklift operations.

An increase in the need for forklift operators among the labor shortage has made automation more appealing as warehouses try to keep up with consumer demand.

Intelligent unmanned forklifts offer high flexibility to increase work efficiency and employee safety while reducing costs within an operation. ForwardX believes that autonomous forklifts play a key role for businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s market.

ForwardX’s Apex 1400-L uses a variety of sensors and cameras including LiDAR and a 3D camera. Much like the Flex and Max series, Apex offers 360° obstacle detection and avoidance to accurately perceive any changes in its environment of static and/or moving obstacles and ensure the safety of everyone and everything working around it.

Apex 1400-L has a payload capacity of 3,086 lbs and can move at about 2.68 mph (2.24 mph when loaded to capacity). It uses its sensors and cameras to identify the angle and position of a pallet and autonomously adjusts in real-time to carry out tasks.

As a leading innovator in the industry, ForwardX plans to continue to add to its range of AMRs to automate the mundane, repetitive, and often dangerous tasks, freeing up employees’ time to focus on more meaningful, value-adding jobs.

Apex 1400-L is just the latest to arrive as the company continues to polish its products and address its customers’ pain points.

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