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ANYbotics opens commercial sales of inspection robot

ANYbotics has opened commercial orders for ANYmal X, its four-legged robot, to “provide industry-wide access to scalable robotic inspection solutions in oil and gas and chemicals sectors”.

The company says its robot is “a game changer for asset operators”, adding that the impact of deploying ANYmal X is driving companies to accelerate automating robotic inspections.

With over 500 ANYmal X units already reserved, ANYbotics is scaling production output with its global manufacturing partners.

ANYbotics opens the availability of its ANYmal X inspection solution at the SPRINT Robotics World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics. Participants in the ANYbotics early adopter program have been employing the ANYmal X inspection solution for several months.

Asset operators beyond the EAP can now order ANYmal X and include Ex-proof, autonomous and mobile robots in their inspection and operational planning.

Oil and gas and chemical operations are complex, and ensuring the highest safety standards is paramount. Operators require Ex-certified, intrinsically safe equipment (ATEX or IECEx certification) in most of the process areas.

Compared to tracked and wheeled robots, only legged robots can provide the level of mobility and autonomy required to navigate the intricate and complex multi-level structures of oil and gas and chemical facilities, including industrial stairs and confined spaces.

ANYmal X is powered by AI-based locomotion, navigation, and inspection intelligence, which allows it to conduct seamless, automated inspections in very complex environments.

As the only Ex-certified and scalable robotic solution, ANYmal X is a real game changer for end-users and solution integrators, as it helps to close the digitalization gap and enables unmanned facilities.

Peter Welter, automation manager, BASF, says: “ANYmal X closes an important technical gap, conducting automated inspections in very complex environments, with stairs and tight passages, and this in combination with Ex-zones, that’s a novelty.”

The EAP enables end-users to implement the ANYmal X inspection solution eciently. Several global innovation leaders have started deploying ANYmal X at their Ex-rated facilities.

The global energy company Petronas has spearheaded the integration of autonomous, legged Ex-certified robots by partnering with ANYbotics on ANYmal X since 2019. The Petronas ANYmal X roll-out program is progressing well in its overall deployment plan, which includes upstream platforms, terminals, and downstream plants.

ANYmal X is on deployment at a Petronas offshore platform in Malaysia, focusing on integration to existing workflow and scale-up.

Iskandar Al-Thani Mahmood, manager (robotics), Petronas, says: “Having ANYmal X Ex-certified drives innovation in R&D to go beyond conventional applications, thus improving the safety and eciency of our operations.”

The first deliveries of ANYmal X units to selected customers will commence in mid-2023. The opening of industry-wide order acceptance will further accelerate industry adoption.

With over 500 ANYmal X units already reserved by its EAP participants, ANYbotics has already implemented a program through its global manufacturing partner network, to scale production output to meet future demand.

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