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RC Mowers introduces new autonomous mowing robot for landscaping industry

RC Mowers, a manufacturer of robotic mowers, has launched a new autonomous mowing robot line to “help landscaping contractors reduce labor needs and scale their businesses to manage fewer employees while improving mowing profitability”.

Tim Kubista, vice president of sales and marketing for RC Mowers, says: “RC Mowers’ Autonomous Mowing Robot is a revolutionary product that directly addresses the labor availability problems in the landscaping industry.

“With our autonomous mowers, landscape contractors can reduce the number of employees needed to handle mowing jobs. Our AMR’s allow one operator to generate the same revenue as a crew of three.

“RC Mowers’ autonomous line creates the opportunity for increased profit from mowing services, which traditionally is the number one source of landscaping companies’ revenue but also generally the least profitable.”

With a focus on the most advanced technology and safety in mind, Michael Brandt, CEO of RC Mowers, put together a research and development team of cross-industry heavy-hitters.

The autonomous line was designed and built by the RC Mowers robotics team, which is led by the experts who developed the US military’s weapons guidance systems and includes experts who worked to develop US Department of Defense autonomous vehicles as well as leading experts in aviation safety.

Kubista says: “This highly-skilled team saw the perennial problems the landscaping industry faces and then set out to develop this transformative product that solves those problems.

“These autonomous mowers can increase the productivity of a single operator by 300 percent. Landscape contractors often say they want to grow – that getting the work is easy – but they simply don’t have access to available labor that would allow them to scale their business. The Autonomous Mowing Robot solves this problem.”

Kubista said companies that transition to autonomy will have a significant competitive advantage. The services they offer will become more profitable and they’ll have the ability to grow without adding labor.

“Companies that stay at the forefront of technology are also able to attract the best talent by providing better wages because they’ve reduced their need for unskilled workers,” he says.

“Skilled employees and fewer people to manage simply makes a business easier to run.”

The made-in-America Autonomous Mowing Robot will be distributed through the company’s established dealer network throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. The new AMR line joins RC Mowers’ market share powerhouse remote-operated robotic mower line.

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